Migration Gravel Race

December 22, 2021

Migration Gravel Race

The Migration Gravel Race is a 4-day bike race through the Maasai Mara Park, Kenya. The route is 650 kilometres long and unfolds at an average of 1,900 metres above sea level through trails, hunting routes, clay roads and dirt tracks.

East African cyclists have a hard time when it comes to competing in international cycling races. The Migration Gravel Race aims to break down these barriers to make cycling more inclusive and accessible to men, women and children.

As part of the Amani project, our brands PEdALED and Brooks England support the Migration Gravel Race. They aim to:

  • create local racing opportunities
  • build independent financial models to support local teams
  • help promote indigenous cycling culture by employing Maasai tribesmen to organise the event and showcase the beauty of their pristine landscape.

All proceeds from the Migration Gravel Race go to the Kenyan Riders, the country’s leading elite cycling race team.

Our dream is that the Migration Gravel Race will be the first of many similar events organised by communities in the Mara and beyond, creating opportunities for the cycling community to come together.

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