The secret lies in the balance

Between a cyclist and the bike. Between humans and the planet. Between the pursuit of profit, people’s well-being and protecting the environment. That is why we are committed to making our work more sustainable every day.

Our sustainability projects are divided into three areas – People, Planet and Participation. They are inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.


Go to Sustainability Report 2021-2023


ESG Strategy

Materiality matrix

For their first Sustainability Report, Selle Royal Group initiated a structured reflection on sustainability issues and carried out the Group’s first materiality analysis.

Strategic approach

Our approach to sustainability is embodied in an operational plan integrated into the business strategy, which includes three main actions

Action Plan

The action plan translates the pillars of the sustainability strategy into a path of activities in the short, medium and long term. Each year, the various points are updated in a process of continuous alignment with the company’s objectives and performance, also in relation to the Group’s cultural growth with regards to sustainability.

In this section you will find reports, policies, procedures, and other documents from the cross-functional team involved in the company’s sustainability projects.

ESG Assets