July 01, 2021


Selle Royal Group is a partner of Mobilitars, a free and open digital symposium where the world's leading experts on urban mobility, environmental protection and urban planning discuss how to make our cities healthier and more liveable places for all.

Mobilitars is primarily aimed at municipalities, students and urban mobility professionals. At the heart of the project is the bike as a means to improve quality of life and to create value and work in local areas.

The first stage of Mobilitars took place in February 2021 and was divided into two modules that focused on Italy: “the healthy city”, which dealt with topics such as road safety, the fight against a sedentary lifestyle and mobility management; and “the resilient city”, which tried to answer questions related to intermodality, tactical urbanism and the effects of a new mobility on local economies.

Mobilitars is a long-term project with which Selle Royal Group wants to imagine the city of the future, together with cyclists, local institutions, universities and the company's employees. The next edition of the digital symposium will be held in May 2022.

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