Solidarity campaign “It’s time to…”

February 14, 2023

Solidarity campaign “It’s time to…”

“È ora di…” (or ‘It’s time to…’) is a company solidarity initiative which aims to spread awareness among employees and stakeholders, involving them in a series of donations to local, social, and emergency causes.

The name “È ora di…” represents a sense of urgency, calling people to take action; at the same time, it reflects the initiative’s dynamism in inciting employees to donate at their will the monetary equivalent of one, two, or three hours of work. This system is discreet and proportionate to each employee’s financial capacity.

In line with the values of internal project iCare, the initiative aims also to promote a sense of collective action and active participation.

Previous “È ora di…” campaigns:

“È ora di…ricostruire” (‘It’s time to…rebuild’) following the ‘Vaia’ disaster which struck Alpine forests, in aid of the San Tomaso Agordino local council.

“È ora di…risollevare” (‘It’s time to…elevate’) following Venice’s ‘Acqua Granda’ flooding, in aid of the Venice Lido local council.

“È ora di…risuonare” (‘It’s time to…make music’) for musicians affected by Covid, in aid of the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza.

“È ora di…aiutare” (‘It’s time to…help’) for Ukranian citizens affected by the war, in aid of the association HelpUkraine.

“È ora di…riscaldare” (‘It’s time to…warm up’) for Turkish and Syrian citizens affected by the earthquake, in aid of the association UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).

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