Life Cycle Assessment

February 15, 2022

Life Cycle Assessment

When we at the Selle Royal Group think about sustainability, we don't just measure the environmental impact of raw materials or production processes, we also want to consider the entire life cycle of our products.

This is why we have teamed up with the University of Padua and its spin-off Spinlife to carry out a study that measures the environmental impact of our products, from design to end-of-life, taking into account prototyping, production, launch and actual use our customers make of them.

Initially tested on three models associated with three different production technologies, the study uses a parametric calculation model in line with the Life Cycle Assessment methodology.

The final objective is to develop in-depth knowledge of the environmental impacts (kgCo2/eq) of each product, “cradle to grave”, in order to intervene in the flows with the biggest negative impact and improve the design of new products according to the principles of eco-design.

The study obtained the ISO 14040 certification – Environmental Management and Life Cycle Assessment.

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