Welfare Index PMI

December 19, 2022

Welfare Index PMI

This year marks another year for the Selle Royal Group as ‘Welfare Champion’ of the Welfare Index PMI, the index which evaluates company welfare levels in small and mid-size Italian enterprises.

The Welfare Index PMI considers three key factors: the range and type of initiatives put in place for each of the 12 company welfare areas; the way the company involves its employees and the management of welfare choices; the originality of their initiatives and their distinction from other Italian welfare initiatives.

This is the fourth consecutive year that has seen the Selle Royal Group win this significant achievement, which rewards a commitment to welfare that is part of the company’s DNA. The importance of company welfare is reaffirmed through a series of initiatives which favor training, health, sport, and the education of employees’ children.

Here are some of the welfare initiatives implemented in the company’s headquarters, in the province of Vicenza:

  • listening activities for employees in the form of an annual, multi-lingual questionnaire and a continuously functioning question box;
  • the chance for employees to participate, either free of charge or at discounted fees, in sports activities and specific training sessions on posture and ergonomics;
  • discounts and welfare coupons that employees can use to purchase goods and services both online and in-store in a number of retailers throughout the local area;
  • the Riccardo Bigolin Scholarship, which rewards employees’ children who have obtained notable achievements at various levels of primary, secondary or university education;
  • flexible working initiatives such as hybrid home-office working (known as ‘smart-working’) or flexible time policy, where possible.

Selle Royal Group adheres strictly to workplace safety measures, as established by ISO certification 45001 - Occupational health and safety management systems.

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