Welfare Index PMI

September 09, 2021

Welfare Index PMI

Since 2019 Selle Royal Group Spa has been “Welfare Champion” of the Welfare Index PMI, the index that assesses the level of corporate welfare in Italian small and medium-sized companies.

The Welfare Index PMI measures three factors: the extent and content of the initiatives implemented for each of the 12 areas of corporate welfare; the way in which the company engages workers and manages its welfare choices; the originality of the initiatives and their ability to stand out in the Italian landscape.

The award acknowledges an attention to welfare that has always been part of Selle Royal Group. Today, this translates to a series of initiatives for the training, health, sport and education of its employees' children.

Here are some of the welfare initiatives implemented in the company’s headquarters, in the province of Vicenza:

  • listening to employees by means of an annual multilingual questionnaire and a suggestion box that is always open;
  • the possibility for employees to participate, either free of charge or at discounted fees, in sports activities and specific training in ergonomics and postural hygiene;
  • the provision of special agreements and a welfare voucher that employees can use to purchase goods or services, both online and in some retail outlets and chains in the area;
  • the Riccardo Bigolin Scholarship, which rewards employees’ children who have obtained notable achievements at various levels of primary, secondary or university education;
  • initiatives to support flexible work, such as remote working or flexible time policies, if the role is compatible.

Selle Royal Group also pursues workplace safety, as certified by the ISO 45001 standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

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